Multilayered Microfacet Materials - GLOSSINESS

For a long time, I am haunted by physically correct glossy reflections. As at the moment in the engine works the dispersion of reflection! A texture with different superimposed effects is taken, and based on the properties of the surface, a Gaussian Blur is set. In reality, it does not work that way! The dispersion of reflection is a consequence of the roughness of the surface, the higher the roughness, the more the rays deviate from the angle of incidence upon reflection. In other words, objects that are closer to a partially reflected surface are reflected more clearly than objects that are far away. An interesting thing is that the blur of reflections in the engine works according to Gauss, but if you add a rough surface using the Normal Map, you can get a very similar real-world result. So it is interesting to me Multilayered Microfacet should in any case give a realistic dispersion of reflections? as if tied to the technology
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