Actionlistener with savegame problem

I'm encountering one problem with 5.4.
I'm using ActionListener nodes to catch input events only in certain moments during the level. I enable them only when a basic entity is used.
The problem is that when a checkpoint is loaded, all the Action Listener nodes in all the flowgraphs will be enabled automatically. So after loading the game if the player press that input key , all the ActionListeners will output.
How I can stop this?

Re: Actionlistener with savegame problem

This worked for me:

For some reason the "Save Or Load Done" didn't work for me so I did it this way instead.

CTRL + V directly in your flowgraph.

Code: Select all

<Graph Description="" Group="asd">
<Node Id="4" Class="Game:SaveGame" pos="18,-54,0">
<Inputs Name="quicksave" Desc="" DelaySaveIfPlayerInAir="0"/>
<Node Id="7" Class="Debug:InputKey" pos="-252,-72,0">
<Inputs entityId="0" Key="i" NonDevMode="0"/>
<Node Id="8" Class="Debug:InputKey" pos="-252,90,0">
<Inputs entityId="0" Key="o" NonDevMode="0"/>
<Node Id="9" Class="Game:SaveGame" pos="18,90,0">
<Inputs Name="$LAST" Desc="" DelaySaveIfPlayerInAir="0"/>
<Node Id="13" Class="Input:ActionMaps:ActionListener" pos="900,144,0">
<Inputs entityId="0" actionMapActions_Action="player:jump"/>
<Node Id="15" Class="Actor:LocalPlayer" pos="900,108,0">
<Inputs />
<Node Id="17" Class="Logic:Any" pos="1170,198,0">
<Inputs />
<Node Id="19" Class="Game:Start" pos="414,180,0">
<Inputs InGame="1" InEditor="1"/>
<Node Id="20" Class="Logic:Any" pos="702,180,0" InHideMask="1023" OutHideMask="1">
<Inputs />
<Node Id="22" Class="Logic:Any" pos="18,270,0" InHideMask="1023" OutHideMask="1">
<Inputs />
<Node Id="23" Name="Delay_node_so_the_above_executes_at_the_same_time_as_this_any_node" Class="_comment" pos="18,252,0"/>
<Node Id="24" Name="Disable_at_start" Class="_comment" pos="702,162,0"/>
<Node Id="25" Name="disable_after_level_load" Class="_comment" pos="702,234,0"/>
<Node Id="26" Name="just_for_debugging_purposes" Class="_comment" pos="1170,180,0"/>
<Edge nodeIn="4" nodeOut="7" portIn="Save" portOut="Pressed" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="9" nodeOut="8" portIn="Load" portOut="Pressed" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="22" nodeOut="8" portIn="in1" portOut="Released" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="17" nodeOut="13" portIn="in1" portOut="Pressed" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="13" nodeOut="15" portIn="entityId" portOut="entityId" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="20" nodeOut="19" portIn="in1" portOut="output" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="13" nodeOut="20" portIn="Disable" portOut="out" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="20" nodeOut="22" portIn="in2" portOut="out" enabled="1"/>
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