Interpol node cause crash

with 5.4 I'm encountering a bug with interpol nodes.
If you save the game with an interpol node that is changing its vaues, the game will crash if you load the savegame from the main menu.
Instead if you load the savegame from the pause menu it will work without crash.

I have to use interpol nodes mainly to adjust RTPCs for controlling musics and sounds.
I'm using interpol:float and interpol:int nodes.

Is there a solution for this?

Re: Interpol node cause crash

trying to stop or block the interpol when you save your game.perhaps you may try to freeze time (t_scale ) when you save game.
Thank you for your help. I've tryed to freeze with t_Scale but it doesn't solve the problem.
As the savegame and the interpols are in different flowgraphs, I don't know how to block all the interpol nodes before the game saves. Is there a way to do this in a smart way?

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