Getting and running CryEngine 3 (or import levels in cryengine 5 ?)


I'm currently trying to fix performance problems in an old game (Mechwarrior Online). It uses cryEngine 3.5.

I'm improving performance without degrading the game's graphics (and even improving some parts). I worked on the settings for mesh/texture Lods, particles, HUD, shadow cascades, coverage buffer.

As debug options and the console are disabled, i can only modify variables in cfg files. I use reshade to display drawcalls and nvidia NSight to look for bottlenecks.

But i would be a lot easier if i could load the levels in the cryengine SDK to ;

- display debug infos (overdraw, coverage buffer, shadow cascades, threads etc), fetLife itunes

- have infos about the assets (meshes, textures etc).

- change variables on the fly

I have created a cryengine account and got an old 3.5 SDK, but i cannot start the cryengine 3 SDK ("cannot connect to server").

Can the cryEngine 3 still be used or do i need to import levels into cryengine 5 (if it's possible) ?

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Re: Getting and running CryEngine 3 (or import levels in cryengine 5 ?)

Hi daniel77,
As lavizh says, the Crytek servers no longer support CE3, but you can enable it by adding an entry to the Windows registry. To do this:
1. Extract the registry file from the attached zip file - extract to any file location.
2. Double-click the registry file. When the registry editor opens, click ok to add the entry (or run the registry editor and load the file).
Now Sandbox 3 should run directly without the need to log in.
I know this works because I did this to enable CE3 on my new Windows PC several years ago.
I use CE3 because CE5 is not suitable for my simulator.
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Re: Getting and running CryEngine 3 (or import levels in cryengine 5 ?)

The FreeSDK (what you're working with) no longer functions due to the user database and server it relied upon being turned off. Version 3.6 (Engine as a Service through Steam) introduced physically based rendering. This change requires assets be re-imported, so if you want to migrate to this (or a later) version you need the source files for all assets. Additionally, materials should be remade to be [more] physically accurate.

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