Scaleform GFx 3.x is severely outdated

Scaleform GFx 3.x is severely outdated. You can't even access the official Adobe ActionScript 2.0 docs as they were removed from their website. Flash and Scaleform knowledge with CryEngine 5 becomes some sort of an ancient profession, known only to the elders of Crysis epoch. I'm serious, the UI SDK is a piece of garbage, give us at least Scaleform 4 with ActionScript 3 support. Telling you as a 10+ years professional Flasher.

Using ActionScript 2.0 in the year of 2019 is ugly and terribly annoying. Don't tell me AGAIN that it will need "additional fees". I doubt it will cost few million dollars for a totally outdated piece of middleware, which was abandoned even by Autodesk. After all you are making business, so invest. I can choose Unreal or Unity, which offer me lots of UI options to use. With CryEngine I'm tied to those unpopular decisions you make. Or is this indifference?

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