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Hi Chris!
Sorry for long absence. Since there's a new wave of CryEngine's projects activity, would you like to open a new thread in a showcase gallery? We may continue our conversation there. Also, please stay in touch, and if you don't mind me asking, can you please tell me your public email address in PM, just in case? These days older CryEngine users must stick together.

p.s. It looks like Billy_H just copied my previous message.

Re: About Lua script

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Hi silver,
It's very nice to hear from you! I hope you're well.
I'll think about opening a new thread. I'll also PM my email address. But, unless it's personal, I prefer to discuss things on the open forums. Who knows, there's always the chance that other people will be interested enough to post comments, suggestions etc.

I've made a significant advance. I've now found a useful source of global landclass data (previously I just painted it in by hand). A Visual Basic program converts this to the format used by the simulator. I've also found a suitable source of global elevation data, cities and airports. After generating the basic landclass, a tool written in Lua adds the elevation, cities and airports data e.g. it places mountains where the elevation is high. It's not perfect e.g. the airports data only specifies whether it's a small or large airport. It can add up to around 50000 airports. But this is a significant enhancement.

I've also purchased several more aircraft models: a Twin Otter, Mustang and a Piper PA-28, see screen shots.

All the best,

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