Linux Dedicated Server?

can I create a headless Linux Dedicated Server for the game running server logic in a console, please don't delete my post, I just need a simple answer YES or NO.
to run Windows server with client access and all the Microsoft nonsence is very expensive to even run a 100 player server
On Linux you can run multiple headless servers spanning multiple different game hosting 10' of thousands of players for next to free in a much more stable environment.
Im not asking to get the client program running in Linux, JUST THE SERVER LOGIC to host a multiplayer server.

Re: Linux Dedicated Server?

Wow, thank you, this is gooid news, just need to steer clear of Microsoft libs......
Having said that, does the Sandbox mod editor use Microsoft libs in its output Thus cutting off usage of it for Linux compatibility, as if noticed other game engines with a sandbox mod editor such as HalfLife2 would output C Sharp code using Microsoft libraries thus completely cutting out Linux server support all together, if so please let me know.

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