will we see more preview of schematyc

since schematyc 2.0 has been pushed back, my team is losing faith in Crytek, and what little faithful community is left

it seems that with a bit of tinkering most of the sdk still works fine.

some stuff just dont work right tho, and seems that the community has given up one it, i say this because it seems if there was enough interest we would see a Bridge between the 2.

even something as simple as sending a bool or string from schematyc to flowgraph.

It seems that know one in the community has the ability or doesn't care to create a SIMPLE way for them to communicate.

such a shame there is not more interest in a way to transition a string from schematyc to flow graph that doesn't require trying to code it ones self.

if seen hints of writing to xml but with zero instructions.

Re: will we see more preview of schematyc

We understand your frustration, Schematyc is currently still in beta and should not be used for production. This is the main reason it is not integrated with Flow Graph as it is not ready.
We are working hard on Schematyc and the final release will allow much more control.

As mentioned in your previous topic regarding this, we can only provide advice on how to approach this as it is not something we advise.
If you have a technical mind you could follow the YouTube tutorials on setting up Visual Studio and compile the following code to create a plugin you can use that will allow you to communicate between Schematyc and Flow Graph in a rudimentary way.


We understand the community is excited for Schematyc and we want to release a robust and flexible system as soon as we can.
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