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So im super happy with the selection of usable vehicles with cryengine, considering most other engines you have to make that from scratch. I was curious if anyone expanded any further and made a system for useable trains? I know someone here by the name of cwright made a pretty detailed system for things like that but as far as I know its only for sdk3 and I'm running sdk5. Anyone have any ideas?

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Do you mean the spline track; moving an object along a path?
I'm not entirely sure what that is. I'm pretty new to cryengine so I'm probably shooting way over my head at the moment. As you know the basic engine has a helicopter you can fly, a couple army vehicles, and at least one speedboat I seen. I found a train yard asset pack that comes with an engine, I was curious if there was a way to maybe make some track and place the engine on it and enter it like a normal vehicle and then just control it back or forth along that track. I'm not sure if I can link to other posts so forgive me if this is against the rules but here's a link to another post where cwright talks about his train setup a bit and I want to see if I could impliment it in sdk5 ... 5&t=126702

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Hi vanm,
I'm still hard at work developing my simulator. The latest development is what I call the world system: in effect it packs the entire surface of Earth into Sandbox. It does this by automatically creating and moving scenery objects (e.g. buildings and trees), so the entire surface of Earth can be populated with dense scenery as you fly or drive along.

You can see a couple of train screen shots.

The main features of the train system are:
0 All train vehicles are full vehicle entities that can be entered with the F command and fully driven by the player.
0 When train vehicles run into each other they are automatically coupled to form trains, allowing full shunting operations.
0 The player can naturally walk inside vehicles, even when travelling at high speed - the player can walk from one carriage to the next in a train.
0 Trains also work in AI mode, including execution of commands when waypoints are reached.
0 As rail tracks are dynamacilly placed and deleted as the train moves forward, rail tracks can be very long e.g. hundreds of kilometers long.
0 Trains can switch between main and branch tracks.
0 The simulator editor allows the creation and editing of rail tracks
0 All simulator vehicles are created with Lua code.
0 The Aircraft Factory program (a standard part of the simulator) allows users to create new vehicles (e.g. a locomotive) without the need to do any Lua programming.

The simulator is for Cry Engine 3. I may develop it for CE5, but CE3 is more suitable (and I think the CE3 Sandbox interface was far better).

If you are interested I would be delighted to discuss it in more detail, and answer any questions you have. It would certainly be possible for you to test it, but you would need to install CE3 (version 3.58).
Best regards,
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