Re: Pivot point based visibility

I'm using 5.3 version. Whether it's a animObject entity or geomentity, that becomes the case. Could not find a way to animate the object like how mannequin does for the objects(At least I have seen the Mannequin editor animating the AI characters by moving their pivot according to the skeleton position)

Re: Pivot point based visibility

I have tried reproducing the issue in 5.3 Build 47 (latest 5.3)
I have dragged in A designer object, AnimObject and RigidBodyEx
Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the issue.
It's advisable to check if you have the latest version of CRYENGINE 5.3 and the latest binaries of GameSDK 5.3

To update the GameSDK: CRYENGINE Launcher > Library > My Assets and click on the CRYENGINE GameSDK 5.3 Update.
You may need to download the archived version: ... sample-5-3

In case the download directory is not your project directory you will need to copy the binaries over to your project.

To update the Engine: CRYENGINE Launcher > Library > My Engines and click on the CRYENGINE 5.3 Validate Installation
and update if you have the possibility to do so.

In case the issue still occurs please provide the exact reproduction steps.

Re: Pivot point based visibility

This is the old sore of this engine, I periodically meet it from version to version on different entities. In 5.5 this bug with decals, in some previous version it was with a cloth (in 5.5 it was fixed). But the sore does not disappear, but simply jumps from one entity to another entity

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