Terrain draw distance

Hi everyone,

I have just returned to cryengine after some time and encountered this problem.

I have a large terrain 8x8km with a view distance set to 15000. While running with a camera in editor everything seems fine but once I switch to game It seems that it changes the view distance to something very low. Is there some sort of settings that I am missing?


Re: Terrain draw distance

This only seems to occur in the Templates that use the new Entity Component system for the player.
The Camera being one of them.

You could add the following line in CPlayerComponent::Initialize()
m_pCameraComponent->SetFarPlane(2048.0f); // 2048.0f is the distance how far you want to look (default is set to 1024)

if you want to make sure it covers the whole map diagonally you can do

hope that helps :)

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