Physical hang glider for use by in game player

I wondered if anyone could give me some guidence here on the best way I could create a hangglider that could be placed in the game level, that would allow a player to walk up and press (use) and then be able to run off a hill and start to glide?

The glider would need to be physicalised in such a way that its glide angle would change if the player was to change the pitch of the glider or the speed was changed.. basicly just like a real glider.

Is there some way to do this without code?

could someone maybe give me a list of the basic steps required to create something like this? ( 1 model glider geom, 2 edit entiy or whatever)


Re: Physical hang glider for use by in game player

You could create the necessary animations and attach a "dummy player" to the glider when pressing use at the right time to sync animations.
The physics system can handle the gliding, but you will need to tweak the mass/density of the glider and probably make the dummy player massless so that it does not affect the glider.
Hook up some rotational impulse on the glider with limits using Flow Graph.

It should be possible.
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