Errors show up while building CryEngine

I was trying to compile and build CryEngine from source (from the release branch) with the Release configuration type in Visual Studio. I'm currently using Visual Studio 14 2015. The other 3rd party libraries were fine, but the other ones from CryEngine were the problem. There were many warnings and errors being logged during compilation, and they're very frustrating. So the whole thing didn't build even if I had the requirements installed. Here's the output from Build:
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The build output's very long.

Re: Errors show up while building CryEngine

Hey there, please make sure you have installed the correct Windows SDK (15063).
Also if you are building 5.5, please make sure you have installed the MFC library and downloads and copied the FBX sdk into the correct folder inside Code/SDKs - these are required to build Sandbox.

Can you confirm:
What operating system you are using?
Is your operating system up-to-date? (windows updates)
Does the solution build in Profile configuration?

For step-by-step video tutorial on building CRYENGINE check here: ... fvT_1GyWKO
and ... fvT_1GyWKO

These tutorials use 2015, the installation steps may vary but the concept and building the engine is the same.
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