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Hi there,
The GameSDK archives are old versions. If you want GameSDK for the latest version of the engine, this one is updated on every release: ... ct-gamesdk
Regarding issues, if you find a bug it would be great if you can submit a bug report on the GitHub issues page - it really helps us to track the issue internally.
About the missing Flow Graphs, were the entities deleted? Flow Graphs are attached to entities, if the entity holding the Flow Graph is deleted then so will be the Flow Graph.
Nope, the entitites were not deleted. For me, the Cryengine is VERY crashy. I suspect this might have to to with windows10 patches.
Can you release old Cryengine 3 archive? It worked realy well, but the engine was online password protected so we cant use it anymore. It was so good and stable when I look back. Heck, it even worked on WindowsXP.

Re: Some questions

We do not support or distribute older CRYENGINE versions except to those who hold an existing license for the software. If you are experiencing crashes then please make sure to let us know on our GitHub issues page:

Regarding the missing Flow Graphs, these are stored in the level .lyr files. If there is a corruption in the layer file you will lose the entities and the Flow Graphs associated with that layer. In this case you can try to rename a backup of the layer file with the issue physically on disk to restore a slightly older copy.

If you can reproduce this issue we would love to know more about it.
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