Re: C 5.5 vegetation popping in and out.

This seems to be an issue with streaming resources.
Can you repeat the process with 'sys_streaming_debug 1'?

Most likely tweaking the streaming CVars will alleviate the issue.
If you notice your debug info is showing that your Temporary streaming pool is maxed out during the issue.
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Re: C 5.5 vegetation popping in and out.

Thanks for your reply,
I don't know what to do with the CVars, where they are, what strings to adjust and what to?

New video with sys_streaming_debug 1 i forgot to enable r_displayinfo=1, i did that half way through.

It also does this with just a few of the woodland asset trees painted in, those things are very old and low poly so i don't understand how the streaming pool is getting so saturated so quickly?
Maybe it's my terrain? the height map is pretty big, 8K and very complex, i'm happy to send it to you in a private channel if you want to look at it.

Knowing my hardware might be useful.

nVidia GTX 1070
AMD Ryzen 1600

Thank you :)

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