I'm having trouble Moving Game from 5.3 to 5.5

Hi everyone,

I was happily working in 5.3 for the last 6 months, but ran into a bug I couldn't get around (Flowgraph editor just has a blank blue screen, can't see any nodes)

I decided to upgrade my game to 5.5 Engine. I pasted in all my files from the 5.3 Project folder into the 5.5 Project folder and told it to skip any files with the same name.

My vegetation, heightmap, and some of my cgfs for buildings imported. However, none of my characters or vehicles were carried over and I cannot enter game mode with a functioning actor model. I can't even find where to manually add in AI Characters or vehicles.

I was wondering what I'm missing during my import? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: I'm having trouble Moving Game from 5.3 to 5.5

did the editor ask to convert all levels, you should not have very many issues coming from 5.3 to 5.5, i would suggest to try 5.4, then to 5.5.

have you tried repair/generate metadata ?

are you using the GameSDK ?

**Fixed the Flowgraph bug on 5.3 that only displayed a blue screen. See link below. I think I'll stick with 5.3 for now, but I'd like to upgrade to 5.5 soon so any advice is extremely helpful!

https://answers.cryengine.com/questions ... a-why.html

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