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How do i place Proprietary Third-Party SDKs in cryengine source code. I manually downloaded the R396-developer zip can you provide steps for all thanks.

Fmod SDK not found in C:/CRYENGINE/Code/SDKs/Audio/fmod and AUDIO_FMOD option turned OFF
-- PortAudio and libsndfile SDKs found in C:/CRYENGINE/Code/SDKs/Audio/portaudio and C:/CRYENGINE/Code/SDKs/Audio/libsndfile - enabling PortAudio support.
-- Enabling SDL_mixer support.
-- Wwise SDK not found in C:/CRYENGINE/Code/SDKs/Audio/wwise and AUDIO_WWISE option turned OFF
-- Oculus audio SDK not found in C:/CRYENGINE/Code/SDKs/Audio/oculus and AUDIO_OCULUS_HRTF option turned OFF
-- Enabling VR rendering.
-- NVAPI SDK v.386 not found, excluding from the build.
-- AMD AGS SDK not found, excluding from the build.

Re: cryengine source code

Which SDKs are you looking to install?

Are you using Wwise or fmod?
Are you developing for the Occulus rift? Is this an SDK you want installed?

You can find downloads to these and other SDKs on the third party proprietary SDKs list on our documentation page here: ... Party+SDKs

If you have trouble installing specific SDKs let us know :)
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