Crytek needs to improve the FBX pipeline.

Cryengine was very powerful.
There are many features that UE or unity engines do not have, but cryengine has a serious pipeline. This is why cryengine has not been used more than any other engine.
Other engines can produce everything with the fbx central pipeline.

The cry engine has also introduced the fbx importer since version 5, but it is still lacking in many parts.

Except for static objects, you still need to use the export plugin to create a vegetation or destructible object simulation. This is only a small part.
The naming convention or export process is too cumbersome and makes the production process rigid.
Many game developers acknowledge the functionality of cryengine, but surprisingly they give up much from simply fetching assets.

Remember why UE is the best engine in the industry. SVOGI or powerful environment tool functionality is not important. These are no longer competition.
 Powerful functions are also useless if they are difficult to use.
crytek should abandon its current export plugin and build FBX-centric production pipeline.

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