Making movies using CryEngine

My interest is primarily making movies and not making games. I would consider myself as an intermediate animator and I got interested in CryEngine for two reasons. First is photo-realism and second is the speed of rendering. I have several software animation packages but none use the GPU so rendering is slow. I have been impressed with the realism and speed of rendering in CryEngine but I am concerned about its suitability for making movies. Video games primarily have real-time manual user input (especially for the camera) and that is problematic. This kind of input isn't repeatable and it is often jerky and difficult to get right. So my question is whether movies can be made with fully programmable input for such things as cameras. My goal is machinema and not gaming. Can someone tell me whether I am going to be disappointed in CryEngine after going down this road for the purpose of making movies?

Re: Making movies using CryEngine

It is going to be a very complicated thing to do. I don't think that CryEngine was initially designed to make movies with its help. I think that there are some applications that will help you with it, but I'm not sure. You should visit the link above that Gigilulu sent. And yes, Filmengine stopped working correctly a long time ago. I hope that you will find what you are looking for and will share your end result with us!

Re: Making movies using CryEngine

Yes. Use Capture Frames at 4k or 8k then downsize the still frames to 1080p or 4k when handling them inside Adobe Premier or what not. You'll get to keep the sharpness when rendering the video output :)

Naturally audio must be captured on it's own. Think you can get raw WAV output.

Good luck.

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