Missing Content In Create Object Tab

I created a New Project and copied all the .PAK files from GameSDK to my Project Almost all the Static Meshes which Come With GameSDK are visible and working But I noticed In Create Object Tab There is No Prefab,Game Custom, and In Entity Legacy\AI\Character\Human is Missing where as rest of the stuff is present in Brushes Tab.

Re: Missing Content In Create Object Tab

Hi HarisG,

Certain files from the GameSDK require the GameSDK DLL itself. Note that loose files on the disk in the Assets directory will take priority (override) any files with the same asset in any .PAK files. For this reason, it would be better to extract the .PAK files as loose files. Be aware though that certain assets/entities in the GameSDK rely on the GameSDK DLL itself which are ofc not included in the .pak files. Depending on what you want to achieve, it may be better to Import the GamesSDK as project.

e.g: In this case its very likely that the entities.xml as file took priority over the entities.xml file that is within the GameSDK .pak file and this could be the reason that you do not see the Ai/Human under
Legacy entities.

Re: Missing Content In Create Object Tab

If you want to use all the features of the GameSDK, especially certain Legacy entities, the best option is to copy the GameSDK to a local folder outside the launcher folder (to prevent overwriting during updates) and as edit that.

Taking objects should work fine though characters might be a bit tricky without the GameSDK, especially weapons and other game specific elements.
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