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Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:20 am
by Cry-Flare
Hey there, I have taken the liberty of deleting the duplicate posts. Please be aware you can edit your posts rather than create new duplicates ;).
To show an inline image you must first add an image as an attachment.

When creating your post, go to Attachments below the submit button and choose "Add Files". Choose your image. Then choose Place Inline next to the image that you have attached to display it where you desire in your post.

Interesting how the resize flatted the original area. I cannot reproduce on my end.
Can you run through some steps to easily reproduce this?

You can also export the heightmap, load in an image editing tool like photoshop, resize terrain and re-export, paste your block in the new exported heightmap and save, then import the heightmap back into CRYENGINE.
This should not be necessary, but it would be a working workflow for now while you are having issues with resizing.

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:05 am
by cajunctionAI
" I'll use the manual way , but I hope my image makes it clear what I did was a very simple resize which should be easily reproduciable , unless its bc I chose to use .25 for meters ?
Please elaborate a bit. "

EDIT aBOve: I can't , though I tried , thought I knew what you mean, but its making zero sense, I'm fine UP to where I export my terrain in CE, but where its NOT making sense , is where you want me to re-size and re-export, and past 'block' into my 'exported terrain.
" You can also export the heightmap, (DONE), load in an image editing tool like photoshop, (DONE) , resize terrain and re-export, paste your block in the new exported ( How can I 'paste' anything into something , that at that point has only be 'exported' ? That's what isn't making sense to me .

Something is missing ? ;00-

Anymore here are two pics, one before I resized and after, to 4096 keeping all the same.Before waS 1024 ( and too small given my sculpting)::

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:38 am
by Cry-Flare
Hey there,

These are the steps I took;

1. Create a new level with 1024 at 1mpu
2. Generate Terrain
3. Resize terrain to 2048 at 1mpu

This is the result:
TerrainGenResize.PNG (843.7 KiB) Viewed 2610 times
If you change the mpu from 1mpu at 1024 to 0.25mpu at 2048 then the terrain will "shrink" (it will be half the size of the original). In which case it may break the terrain.

Regarding using Photoshop;
1. Create a new level with 1024 at 1mpu
2. Generate Terrain
3. Export the terrain heightmap (terrain_gen.raw)
4. Resize terrain to 2048
5. Export heightmap again (terrain_new.raw)
6. Open terrain_new.raw in photoshop as 16bit single channel IBM PC byte order.
7. Open terrain_gen.raw the same settings (ofc, smaller)
8. Copy the data from terrain_gen to terrain_new somewhere you want.
9. Save as .raw file in IBM byte order as normal.
10. In sandbox, import the newly saved terrain heightmap.

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:12 pm
by cajunctionAI
Working on it, btw:
I do not have Photoshop given my current ECO situation.
I have gimp but it does NOT like raw files, at all- even though I have darktable- darktable can't load raw files well - not at least this one, and I never was given a option to choose options as you suggested,,,Krita does offer settings on import, but none of them matched what you said to use,,not even close, or I"m not seeing it...

I tried Krita- epic failure as Gimp.
I use windows 10 pro
I do have Photoshop elements 4, but its semi limted for raw files, - can't install it as atm I have no working dvd drive , and on disability income , ain't happenin--I 'could' grab my laptop ( newer, decent ISH, and copy to usb, but I"m not in the mood after this giant headache.
Rather annoying that everyone assumes we're all made of money ;) Yes I know you can use PS for $10 mo or whatever that is, but why would I at my income level , knowing I won't get out of it what's worth the investment, given my relatively current, weak image skills ,,WIP :_)_

So I went with PGM export which seems to have loaded fine in Gimp,update as this goes...
OK so I can't cancel this post,,,,why ?

SO I must keep going ( new edit as I can't canel ) ;
The open image in gimp, paste ,all worked fine if not crazy annoying--I'm patient to a point . Tried to import into CE, did not work got error about: PGM size 0x0, heightmap is 1024x1024, proceed with cliping ?

No idea why, I made the image as instructed , it look right,,big image, much smaller 'paste' of my terrain in the middle...all fine ...but it won't import , I exported this time with Kirta as it has overall DECENT export settings...I exported as pgm binary not ascii.

Any idea whats up ?


Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:50 pm
by cajunctionAI
I can't get this , none of it, to work.

The gimp image is fine but,,gimp export only offers pgm, no raw,,closest is 'raw data', no luck
Krita has NO raw as gimp doesn't,,I tried R16, nadda.

I"m out of options,,,

Ideas ?

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:57 pm
by cajunctionAI
I also tried:

Used method: Export the file on Gimp: Ctrl Shift E. On the export window, choose Raw Image Data on Select File Type. Click on Export button. On the raw image export window, Choose Planar for the RGB Save Type Click on Export button. Open the folder where the file was saved and rename his extension from .data to .raw.

Import error:
Bad raw file: raw file must be 8192xd 16 bit image. Well its def. 8192,,and the rest is obvious.
EDIT: btw, I waS able to resize 'a' terrain ( not my actual terrain !), by following your example of making 1024 1 ppm, generated terrain which changes it alot and interestingly and resized successsfully!
( btw as your image shows, resizing creates these kinda big gaps on terrain sides, fairly easily fixed with time but not convenient for decent workflow/detail,,,is this a normal outcome and your image also shows ? )

I tried editing mine around the edges, flattening it completely around the edges.
One time you noted, you successfully exported a block of yours with much higher terrain than mine, yet mine isn't working at all,- why is CE so selective ?

CE certainly does NOT like something to do with my terrain, and trying to go the long way around with gimp/krita, is NOT working and I tried everything,including exporting pgm , and nothing would load it.

Ideas ?

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:35 am
by cajunctionAI
If this, 7 days later, is CE telling me get lost, you're a puny non coder beginner, FINE, I'm gone.
( surprised but gone.) I'll just export what I have to LY or somewhere else.

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:27 pm
by Cry-Flare
Hey cajun, sorry you feel that way. We simply can't answer every post.
Regarding the terrain issue, it appears if you cannot open the .raw or other supported formats, you will need to rely on the resize functionality.

GIMP is not able to process the raw image file like Photoshop can unfortunately. you may be able to find some online converters that can convert the raw to another format like BMP for example. you may also be able to use some raw data editors like hex editors and such to manually copy and paste the data.

Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 3:26 pm
by cajunctionAI
I used the engine to create something I'm proud of , and I've never expected perfection in 'answering' posts, it happens on every single engine Ive used, or currently use: Lumberyard, cryengine, and even ue4, though ue4 has the best answer to post ration. Unity is decent too.

TY for answering , for trying, maybe I can find a way to do a video showing what trouble I'm having.

Maybe you or someone on staff to do a VERY short video, showing you copying the heightmap, what I"m sure was twice as tall as mine, which is very tall, and maybe then I can tell why I'm having these issues.

AS noted, I tried everything on my end and I even exported PGM which is allowed on CE, and that method was a failure too.
None of this is my fault, so I guess if this can't be resolved,I've got no choice but to use my time more efficiently and leave CE behind.
I can resize terrain in unrealengine, lumberyard, unity but its not working in CE--I give up for now, but I want it made clear to all, I did try by posting PROOF its not working by showing pics of before and after, showing I got a flat terrain.

Do you know, what would cause that--without that answer, I see no path forward .


Re: export terrain block crash

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:26 pm
by cajunctionAI
Btw, just the heck of it I created a new 1024 .25 and generated, tried to resize using same values, only increasing texture size as it noted in original ( based on new mesh from CE ) and after done, a flat terrain.

I suspect its this version of the engine at fault are you using beta ?

Image below, is: exported my terrain as 8 bit bmp , made a 4096x4096 image in Krita, opened 8bit terrain into Krita which worked fine, copy and pasted that onto the 4096 image and exported 8bit image and imported into CE; the resulting image below is what resulted, not giving an error at least, but not even close to what was exported FROM CE and re-imported. At least I tried and I'm not sure not having PS is contributing to this . I'll try gimp later- I really do want this to work, I've not had a chance to try MUCH of CE because of all the problems,,at least I did the resize you did, and it failed horribly,, so maybe starting there would be a good start ?

BTW: I had no idea this existed:
I'll make sure to make use of it when I have issues, glad to have found it.