New Screen Space Reflection

Crytek I am very glad to the new Screen Space Reflection but you as usual, give one and take another :P You broke the reflections Water Volume it looks terrible, before the reflections were excellent
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Re: New Screen Space Reflection

Contact reflections, or I do not know how to call it correctly. In general, the closer the object to the glossy surface, the less its reflection is blurred, the further the reflection is more blurred. But no matter how smoothness you are in the material settings, the blur is always uniform. But I noticed if you add a noisy normal map, you can get a similar effect
I would like to get such an effect of blurring the reflections from the Gloss map
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Re: New Screen Space Reflection

I think what you're referring to is "View dependent Roughness". It actually has nothing to do with the contact of an object to a reflective surface but the view angle in relation to the surface. By lowering the grazing angle the surface appears smoother.
Yes, so glossy materials would look more realistic
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