cryengine 3.5 free foreat sdk exported regedit files

Hello devs. After many failed attempts at running cryngine 3.5 due to it no longer being supported, I found out on the forum that the only way to run it is to export a regedit file of the software from a computer that had already been running that version of the game. Pls is there anyone who can help me with such regedit export? Is there anyone who has a running version of cryengine 3.5 who can export these files for me?? I will be glad if you could help

Re: cryengine 3.5 free foreat sdk exported regedit files

Happy to help. I'm still using 3.5 for all my development work.
The forum doesn't allow a .reg attachment, so I've pasted the text below.
Copy the text below to a text file and change the extension to .reg
e.g. change the file name to
Double click the file to open the registry editor and click ok. This adds the required registry entry for Sandbox. Sandbox should now open normally.
This worked perfectly on my new computer a few months ago.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crytek\Sandbox 3.5\CryDevLogin]
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