Windows 7 - Visual Studio 2015

I'm new to everything. Visual Studio & Cryengine.
I need to build and develop with CRYENGINE V on Windows 7. Can I ?

Can I compile CRYENGINE V using Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 7 ?

Will Visual Studio 2017 build CRYENGINE V on Windows 7 ?
Must I use Windows 10 in all the cases to build CRYENGINE V ?

I looked through the documentation, but could not find (or overlooked) the answer.

Re: Windows 7 - Visual Studio 2015

Hey there, you can see the requirements for CRYENGINE on the documentation pages here: ... quirements

Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2015 are supported.

If you have issues on Windows 7 please do let us know and we can investigate.
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