Re: I need some help, I have one question.

Since you‘re new, I assume that you‘re just using the editor. In this case you need to create a level or open one. By default it doesn‘t load any level.

However if you‘re using the launcher to really play your game, first make sure that you‘ve exported your level to the engine. Then you can run the launcher and open the console. Here you can type „map MAPNAME“ (replace MAPNAME with the name of your map). The map should now be loaded. You can also specify this in one of your .cfg files, so you don‘t need to open the console every time.

Re: I need some help, I have one question.

You can also specify the map command in the cryproject file of your project by opening it in a text editor such as Notepad++. The templates already load the example map by default, which looks like the following in the cryproject file:

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"console_commands": {
"map": "example"
As mentioned before, keep in mind that this command is only available in the GameLauncher. In the Sandbox you have to manually open the map by going to File→Open....

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