Steps to release your game for sale

Hello, so iv been working on science simulator - the science educational video game and other than a couple hours of audio and building the game to run on other machines im at a stage where i feel i can release it for free for tester.

my question is what is the procedure for releasing a cryengine game for sale when it comes to crytek`s requirments. e.g...

1) submit the game to cryengine for their approval, this has changed since Eaas has it not? where now you do have to let crytek look at it first or am i mistaken?

is their any other steps that should be considered before private testing / public sale?


Re: Steps to release your game for sale

Hey there,

It is indeed required that you register your game with Crytek prior to release and that we can review the core marketing material and copyright notice & trademarks (paragraph 4) to evaluate that the required information is present. You can find more information about the latter in our Licensing FAQ.

From what I see on Indie DB, your game seems to be a serious game. So if you are developing with CRYENGINE 5, please get in touch / register the game so we can discuss further steps. Serious games are not allowed under Pay-What-You-Want license; so we need to get the business development department involved to negotiate a license. If you are developing with CE 3, please still get in touch with your account manager or business development team for further instructions.

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Re: Steps to release your game for sale

The terms of the pay-what-you-want model are broken and the license is reverted to the royalty model after using CRYENGINE 5.5 as per the license agreement (see the bottom of the page). Here is the related sample you need to read:
If you have already started development of a Game under the Limited License Agreement for the Use of the CRYENGINE in effect before the Effective Date (see here) the following shall apply:

* If you register your Game no later than June 30, 2018, you do not upgrade to CRYENGINE version 5.5 or a succeeding version, and the Game never uses CRYENGINE version 5.5 or a succeeding version then the previous license shall continue to apply. Only one Game per Licensee can be registered;
* If your register your Game later than June 30, 2018 then this current Agreement shall apply (no matter which CRYENGINE version you use);
* If you download version CRYENGINE 5.5 or a succeeding version or upgrade your Game to CRYENGINE to 5.5 or a succeeding version at any time then this current Agreement shall apply (regardless if you have registered your Game on or before June 30, 2018).
A breach of this term would, as stated, bring you immediately to the current license (which you have to sign anyways). But why move from royalty-free to 5% anyways? Just pay them 5% as per your original pay-what-you-want model and save some headache.
Keep in mind that you are required to have already had a game under development prior to CRYENGINE 5.5. Nevertheless, since your game is a serious game (simulation), you ought to contact CRYENGINE directly, as the traditional exemption may not apply anyways.

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