question about the 80lv article and Hunt lighting

hey guys.
After reading the very nice article on 80lv about hunt showdown " ... -showdown/ " i'm wondering why the article under "Lighting" says, SVOGI provides us with one bounce... and something about a hacky way to fake the second bounce for interiors... I always thought that SVOGI is providing us two bounces from the sun and also from point lights ? Could someone enlighten me please ?

Re: question about the 80lv article and Hunt lighting

The default reflection in SVOGI is 1. If you go to advanced mode, you can increase the number of reflections, but some will go into static mode and some cached light will be saved. So if you change the lighting information or the location of the objects, you have to do Voxelization again.
The default SVOGI mode works dynamically and has performance advantages.

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