Some missing assets inside the humblebundle pack

I bought the whole bundle pack.
I checked the assets in the engine and confirmed that some of the assets do not have a texture in the material or have incorrect UV information.
I set the project folder structure properly and did not make any modifications.
I pointed this out, but some users simply say I am wrong.
I am an expert on graphic assets and more than five years of using cryengine. I do not make such a simple, stupid mistake.

The bundle pack includes Ryse's Egyptian, Climb, Robinson, and underwater assets. I think Climb, Robinson, and Ryse seem to have ripped off some of the whole project. So perhaps some of the assets seem to be broken. It also has assets that are left unused or assets that refer to projects elsewhere. It seems that the pack itself has not been fully processed.
crytek will look at these guys and pack the bundlepack again.

If you want to check out my case, look at Ryse pack's Orisis Statue. There will be no texture in the material.
Also, some of the temples will have UV damage.

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