A couple of questions

Before I continue I'm Dxslayer, changing it to ZeddieLittle soon, and I'm from the Crymod days before Crysis 2 was released.
Anyway my questions are as followed.
Can I use Maya to create and export characters or is it only limited to vehicles? (The tutorials for Maya show the vehicle and not characters)

Would I need AutoDesk to create characters or can I stick to Maya?

Would I be able to release my game(s) with mod support? If so would I need to create my own "editor" or does Crytek have one provided?

About how long ago did Crytek decide to get 5% royalty? (The last time I saw the payment there were 3 options for a license)

Thank you for your time, ZL

Re: A couple of questions

1. I believe you can create characters in Maya, just as painfully as you can create vehicles.
2. I believe Maya is part of AutoDesk, actually. I'm sure there's some plugin for it. I prefer to use freeware through and through however.
3. I believe mod support is kind of touchy. I believe a special license with CRYENGINE is necessary. I heard-tell of a game coming out (maybe Kingdom Come or Prey?) that had a special arrangement with Crytek for mod support, but I could be completely wrong. In any case, you have the editor source code in version 5.5.
Alternatively, your mod patrons could potentially download and use CRYENGINE (whatever version you build your game in) to simply make the mod in there, though it would probably be limited by whatever flowgraph and schematyc you exposed to the editor in the C++ code. Behind a core basis of the gameplay in C++, whatever you did in the editor a modder can improve or change just the same way (assuming you don't encrypt your pak files).
4. I believe with the release of CRYENGINE 5.5, Crytek decided that the Pay What You Want model was not sufficient, either because of lack of active (or successful :P) dev base, a surprising lack of success with Prey despite it being (in my humble opinion) a great game, shrewd devs, or hiring new talent that advised them to change it. In any case, this does not apply to previous versions (5.4->) with exceptions. As I was saying, in order to not pay for royalties, you also need to satisfy some conditions. I copied and pasted them from the terms and conditions you signed on entry into the site:
If you have already started development of a Game under the Limited License Agreement for the Use of the CRYENGINE in effect before the Effective Date the following shall apply:

* If you register your Game no later than June 30, 2018, you do not upgrade to CRYENGINE version 5.5 or a succeeding version, and the Game never uses CRYENGINE version 5.5 or a succeeding version then the previous license shall continue to apply. Only one Game per Licensee can be registered;
* If your register your Game later than June 30, 2018 then this current Agreement shall apply (no matter which CRYENGINE version you use);
* If you download version CRYENGINE 5.5 or a succeeding version or upgrade your Game to CRYENGINE to 5.5 or a succeeding version at any time then this current Agreement shall apply (regardless if you have registered your Game on or before June 30, 2018).
Nevertheless, 5.5 is well worth the extra payment in royalties (though I'm still using 5.4 for just that reason and I don't wanna learn the ropes again). And think of it as a down-payment for the future. CRYENGINE wants to continue to do great things with their engine, but they can't do it for free! It was actually a wise choice by the staff because poor, indie devs who don't have enough dedication for the game tend to skimp on the price of developer tools, assets, etc, and end up not even ever finishing their project (I apologize to those who felt offended, I meant the other guys, not you). Meanwhile rich devs with time on their hands willingly fork over the minimum amount (but are just as stingy)!

5. Most importantly, believe in yourself! And don't forget to share your success in the gallery!

Re: A couple of questions

Thank you denalti
I asked the wrong question for #2. I meant to ask "Would I need 3DS Max to create characters or can I stick to Maya?"
I've done a little bit of research on both of them but I'm still not sure if I need one or both to create assets.

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