Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

After months and months of nothing... imagine 5.4 will bring just a view small tools and a little bit of stability to the engine... This small community will become in one blow even smaller.
Lets hope 5.4 will be mind blowing and stable/unbreakable like a diamond.
I wouldn´t be so pessimistic! It brings much the community has asked for! Visual Studio 2017 support, Schematyc improvements, aand they teased substance designer intergration (what many people demanded), a multiplayer template, which makes it easier creating multiplayer games etc. So I think it´s also a good step and as long as CE 5.5 isn´t affected by the release it´s OK.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Its brand new entity system. Not using LUA anymore. Not sure if there will be a conversion system. For GameSDK users there will be a lot of work depending on usage. Hopefully you are using templates or blank which will keep things easier for you.

Hopefully the GameSDK will be gone soon as its becoming more and more useless.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

I'm not pessimistic but we are talking here about like half a year of developement between 5.3 and 5.4. All mentioned points for 5.4 on the roadmap are cool but they are not a reveloution, especailly when you think about how long it took. And i also doubt that Cryengine 5.5 will be released in late August... we should be prepared for the end of 2017...

Lets hope for a rock solid 5.4 version and a stuning multiplayer template.... So far all templates/ sample levels are kinda hmmm ok... nothing special.

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