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I have been interested in the cryengine for some time already and have been a reading guest in this forum since the release of version 5. Now that the topic in this thread has shifted a bit to "how to attract new users" I thought it would be good to write a word too. I would like to take the chance to drag the restrictive EULA into the spotlight.

When will Crytek finally realise that they are not in the position to turn down potential users? There are people out there that would like to give the Cryengine a chance but the EULA forbids the use of the Cryengine for their projects. New users are always good for the engine, even if they are not working on games. I understand that there are potential use cases that Crytek doesn't want to be associated with but a simple solution would be to give the users a "create whatever the heck you want" license but forbid the use of the Cryengine/Crytek name and logo in anything but game projects. It works, see UE.

That is already all I want to add to the conversation. I would like to give the engine a try but until Crytek changes the EULA to such a "create whatever you want" agreement I am not going to bother with it. And so long anyone who wants to create something that is not a game to Crytek's liking will continue to use UE4. Sorry if the last sentence sounds a bit... cocky? It just baffles me how Crytek can still turn users down in their situation. They are like a wanderer in the dessert, dying of thirst, who finds a bottle of pepsi but throws it away because they want coke instead. Unbelievable.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

So you want to defend the current restrictive EULA?
How would it be a bad thing if people start using Cryengine for other things than games?
Architectural visualisation.
Visualisation in science classes.
Showing people ideas for interior design and furnishing in VR at their homes.
Visualisation in the car industry.

Those are just a few examples of things that are currently forbidden to do in Cryengine and are done in UE4 instead.
You say Crytek only wants the Cryengine to be used for "games that are good on the common market" but how is that turning out for them?
How many games are out or currently under development using the Cryengine? Or just look at this half dead forum.
I still believe Crytek is not in the position to turn down any potential new users.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

I have been following this topic for a while and I am speechless in how much time and nerves you guys spend in this conversation :D
If you would spend that amount of time and nerves in CE V you would have been all professional developers by now 8-)

Some guys (i don't call names and i am not discussing all aspects) mentioned:

-Better antialiasing mode
In what way does that affect you from developing your level/scene or whatever you are doing?
You're actually telling me that you have mastered your piece of artwork and your only problem is that you're getting "eye cancer" from the antialiasing?

-Substance/Speedtree support

In what way does that affect you from developing your level/scene or whatever you are doing?
Do you think by adding Substance/Speedtree support there will be "copy/paste to CE V" button?
Do you know how much work has to be done when creating an AAA texture in Substance? The same thing goes for Speedtree, there is some plenty work to be done before you have your final result.

My only point is that you could learn so many things while waiting for these things to be implemented to CE V. There is always something you can learn or at least try out.
You can't tell me that you have already mastered everything 8-)


I can't agree more, they need to re-work the current EULA, nothing much to say.


I see your point, i agree, we need to see more artwork, more tutorials, especially by the dev team, the documentation is not 100% complete, some things missing here and there.


Finally something useful for people with no programming skills, this is my hope and it's not wrong at all. It would be nice to see tutorials coming from the dev team.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

1. Good antialiaisng = overall Quality improvement

2. Speedtree, Substnace, Houdini = Huge savings in production cost "important for big studious and also inides" but most important it brings new users to cryengine, it bringts different communitys together. And especially the Substnace community is huge and offers a lot of good artists.

3. If you like something, you invest time in it... If you care about something, you invest time and maybe even emotions in a product. If you give F*** than you do nothing.
If users wouldn't care we wouldn't have, users feature requests, user tutorials etc... helping each other to improve things.

@Enes77 any more questions ?

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