Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

It's sad but the delay is necessary.
LOL it's since february "necessary" it's from month to month "necessary" .... you know what is necessary ? To release finally a well working up to date engine.
If the update life of Cryengine will go like the 5.4 release... at the end of the year... soon... we will be the only members here on the forums.

I mean just check the forum posts of the last 3 months.... it's looking really bad right now... If crytek is serious about offering they're engine to indies, they need like today, now, a bigger team that is working on the engine.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

I think you don't got my point here... It's not about me, not at all.
And i mean you understand that crytek is moving and moving the release of 5.4 since February right ? lol
They are moving and delaying becouse its necessary. Im all for having a super stable 5.4. They can delay it through july or august if it increases the stability. Im all for that.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Delayed Nooo! i was getting excited for end of June.

I just have a couple of questions about the new entity system.

1) what will happen with weapon xml data sheets, can they be edited or will the weapon system change and allow schmetic to edit the weapon property values?
2) would the vehicle system be changing?
3) What are the main entity system features and what can they be used for to make?

4) cant post this idea in ideas sections, Idea for particle system which could help with weapons/ other parts. To have a an option to spawn either small sphere triggers or normal spheres that follow the particle effect then when it interacts with a entity you can give it certain setting through schmetic or flowgraph

just hoping that 6-8months hasn't been a waste of time.

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