Blender or Houdini?

I'm not a pro in 3D modeling yet, just started to improve my skills at it and I have a question about the compatibility of CryEngine and 3d modeling/animation programs. What is the best choice for editing and animation for example this 3d model? I am quite familiar with Blender and to a lesser extent with Houdini, for which I have a yearly subscription. What would be your choice given these circumstances?

Re: Blender or Houdini?


I've never used Houdini myself, and CRYENGINE focuses a lot of its support on Maya and Max. However, Blender does work very well for CRYENGINE, and many developers in our community use it successfully. You'll likely find more support with Blender than you would Houdini, and there's even a third party plugin available: BCRYExporter, floating around out there. If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Blender, personally.

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