How to paint a terrain?

I am new at this engine and I have used other engines before like UE4 and Unity(I am saying this because I have already prior experience). I am having lots of issues understanding this engime, well this time I am trying to put a texture on a terrain but it is not working.

Lets see what I have done:

1. I have created a basic material:

2. I have created a terrain in "Terrain editor." and selected the same above material.

And now when I try to paint the terrain, it just sets a gray colour terrain :

How do I solve this? And this makes me confused because why does it aske me for a texture????? dont u think theres a material that already have a texture....

Re: How to paint a terrain?

First make sure your material has the Terrain.Layer Shader as the shader option. Are you applying a diffuse texture to the material? If so double click the texture in the asset browser (This will bring up the resource compiler) and check what pre-set has been chosen, depending on the texture suffix this can be automatically done for you but no harm in checking. The pre-set you are going to want is either Terrain_Albedo or Albedo. The first option will automatically high-pass the texture, in which then you have to pick a colour by using the Colour Picker Option under the Paint Brush settings in the terrain editor. For the second option, if the texture just has Albedo as the pre-set, you can then select Use Original Diffuse Map under Shader Gen Params which is an option the Terrain.Layer Shader offers.

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