Templates are terrible - WHY?!

Just like in topic.
Why no one in Crytec thought about it?
Everyone who would want to start his/her adventure is discouraged at the beginning. No wonder why CryEngine is not so popular. Entry level is too high.

But templates are not only problem. CryEngine is too Unity-like - same flaws, same issues.
Cryengine is unintuitive. Starting is too time-consuming. It's really easy to give up.
You should learn from Unreal Engine how to make it easier for new people to start.

I'd love to see more games powered by CryEngine and I'm trying to show obstacles you're unaware of.
I hope someone from Crytek will see my message.

Greetings for you all.

Re: Templates are terrible - WHY?!

Hi Remigiusz,
thank you for your feedback,
we're glad to see you have interest in the development and use of Cryengine!

It would be great if you could elaborate on the downsides and wished for features with regards to Templates.

Stay tuned to our channels and roadmap for further updates on the future of Cryengine.

Re: Templates are terrible - WHY?!

i agree better templates are need.
For starters a basic Character controller template with run, jump, sidestep ,crouch and so on .
So users who don't want a shooter can drop a Character and get a basic understanding of controling a Character .

I have been trying to get a basic Character controls for weeks very frustrating.

shooter Template , My lack of C+ knowledge makes anything more that changing the Character and geting it to walk and idle very frustrating.
Gamesdk, I dont want a shooter and it's not maintained.
Empty template, Seens like the best option using flowgraph but after weeks of getting to know flowgraph and being able to control my Character as needed. adding the anim is frustrating.
I am unable to get the PlayMannequinFragment node to work at all. https://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMA ... +Flowgraph

Basic Character controller template with a nice video by Alekseiv

Re: Templates are terrible - WHY?!

Playercontroller in FPS template and TPS template should have at least aiming implemented. They should be just like in GameSDK Sample.
The rest of templates should be usefull for newbies aswell, think a bit about it.
All templates should have C++ and C# version (FPS does not have C# version).

One idea for absolutely new template:
RTS template with player camera, mouse cursor and one selectable and movable unit would be interesting - Unity and Unreal don't have this so CryEngine would be able to attract RTS fans and devs.

If you wanna get more ideas how to attract more people to your engine I have more. I know you have financial troubles and your engine is not so popular.
I can even work for you if you wish so. I'm open for a job offer.

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