Spot Light animated Intensity Fade IN


I know that a spot light allows custom animations cycles, that can be set on the Light proprieties panel.
That does not solve my needs.

What I need is to have absolute control over the light intensity by using the Track View (animation timeline), setting up key-frames (intensity values) on the spotlight intensity parameter .
Is there any way to do this?

I guess that what I'm asking it something more suitable for the "Cinema Sandbox" project, that unfortunately never was public released... :-(
Oh, well.
Ben Martin

Re: Spot Light animated Intensity Fade IN

You need a way of getting the lights properties like the old entity did in trackview.... If only trackview would read components.
Exactly my point.
CryTek created some expectations with "Cinema Sandbox" but then they stopped its development all together.
CE is undoubtedly a GAME engine (planed on that premise) and it is not flexible in the way to allow "any entity parameter" to be animated in the Track View for cinematic propose... (not asking to much, I guess).

Anyway... CE it is free. so... what can I say?
Ben Martin

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