Re: Win swag and CRYENGINE assets in our new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 competition

ankanbal wrote:Thanks for the reply. I have one more doubt. If I create any 3D design of the weapon in any CAD software(like solid works), then how am I supposed to know that whether I have been given the permission to create attachments?
And if I have the permission then, where is the posting screen? Am I supposed to post my design here? Won't It be visible to everyone?

To my opinion, it is a bad idea to attach files with proprietary format.
You can:
- post renders (images) of your work.

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- upload a demonstration video to any video service, like youtube or vimeo, and share the link.

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[vimeo]...[/vimeo] OR [youtubeID]...[/youtubeID] OR [url][/url]

- upload your model to any service, like sketchfab, for 3D preview.

And yes, it will be public, but it is usual for competitions like this. Have fun! :mrgreen:
Just PM me if you need help.

Re: Win swag and CRYENGINE assets in our new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 competition



I'm really sorry for the late response, currently I'm abroad, without my computer and so on....
model: VSS Vintorez - suppressed sniper rifle with PS0-1 telescopic sight.
Modeling was done in Maya and in Zbrush, baking and texturing in Substance Painter. Renders are from Marmorset.
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creating1 wrote:" Participants may submit multiple designs" what does this mean?

It means you can submit several entries, but you can only win once. :)


ankanbal wrote:I am unable to enter any image or other files associated to my design. What should I do? If I am doing something wrong, please feel free to inform me.

Hey there, what's thew issue when you try to enter?

We suggest you take a screenshot or photo of your entry and upload it on any image hosting site; then link it to us here on the forums.

Let me know if you need any help!


warhead1978 wrote:How to participate and where can I upload my image or 3d model?
can I upload a link (ex: sketchfab) as my participation?

Yes, absolutely! Sketchfab links and screenshots or videos are fine! Just post a link in this thread. :)

Re: Win swag and CRYENGINE assets in our new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 competition

Tokoyami wrote:


This looks awesome! Please be so kind and also post some details like:

  • Make / Model of weapon depicted
  • Tools & Software used
  • Estimated time
  • If applicable: credit third-party work/assets/music

This is going to be interesting for all participants. :)
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