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Re: Welcome to the new Community Forum!

Because of your eternal updates, many people lost interest in the engine.
For example, I have this situation:
I chose cryengine 3.5.8, and also prepared plug-ins (Videoplayer_plugin, Dynamic Weather_System, Nuke special effect). On life problems for 3 years did not play the game, now I decided to continue, but I can not open the editor because of the error "network error".

There are no such plugins for cryengine 5, what should I do now? I used the search on the forum. But, the answer to the solution of the error "network error" was not found. Did the developers not take care of the release of the patch to open the editor without authorization knowing that they will disable support? Now I do not know how to include video, how to make a nuclear explosion in the game, how to transfer maps and models without problems to a new version of the engine.

I apologize for the translation (google).
We're sorry you hear that you are having trouble opening your CRYENGINE 3 project. This is most likely due to the login servers no longer being supported. If you are still owner of a EaaS subscription via Steam, you can contact our support team at contact[at]cryengine.com for help.

Generally speaking, I feel like you should be able to get your project into CRYENGINE 5 - but of course a lot has changed. You won't need plugins for most of the things you mentioned now. As soon as you familiarize yourself with CE v you will see that especially our particle effects and VFX tools are quite strong in themselves. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with CE V if you give it a try; yet I understand that porting an older project might proof difficult. There are many in the forum who did this, however, and it has prooven not to be as diifuclt as thought.

Why don't you open a topic for your old project and ask for help with the port in the appropriate sub forum? I am sure there will be an abundance of people who are happy to help you out.

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