Choose your CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year!

Total votes: 31 (43%)
Total votes: 17 (24%)
The Land of Pain
Total votes: 24 (33%)
Total votes: 72

Re: CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year Award - Cast your Vote!

I see a lot of good reasons to vote for your favorite game so far, keep it up and thanks for sharing. :) I love how this is a very close one so far as all the games are genius and great in their own rights and we would have a tough time picking a winner for that reason ourselves! That's why the choice falls to you guys.

So, keep voting and commenting! Poll closes on Jan 15th.
Fitting for the holidays, we did our first random draw for voters who win goodies and are happy to give out prizes to:

Deadwarestudio - Aporia game key
EndiHaxhi - The Land of Pain game key
ChloeFalaOqKe - Werewolf Pack for DECEIT

Congratulations! Please check your PMs for details & respond within 10 days. :)

And to all the others, keep voting! Next prize draw is in 7 days time - Jan 1st! If your vote + comment is in until then, you'll be part of the pool. IMPORTANT: Voting alone isn't enough, you need to comment with an explanation why you voted for the game in question. Please don't forget to mention what you voted for as well, as voting is anonymous and if you don't tell us, we will never know. ;)

Happy Holidays and a successful start to the New Year to you all,
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Re: CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year Award - Cast your Vote!

Aporia all the way

i was going to choose land of pain because the level design was very well done (Cryengine forest are outstandingly good)
but went with aporia because aporia seemed to have a bit of lore to it .

not saying that land of pain didn`t i just mean that aporia`s lore was more apparent in its trailer.

TBH i would choose Miscreated or an rpg made with Cryengine.

for example i know this game is an mmo and also lost a large amount of players because the publishers made it P2W but archeage looked like an amazing game
with very nice graphics and combat system all made with cryengine 3 and can still hit 4k graphics.

i would love to see an rpg made with cryengine 5 with all of the new features ( when i say rpg i mean action combat 3rd person not a shooter and NOT Isometric view my lord cant stand those click to move games)

Anyway i dont really care if i win or not just happy that someone read this :) have a good day/night.

Re: CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year Award - Cast your Vote!

I voted for Deceit.
The two others feels dead, cheap and without action.
Deceit have characters with different look and feel, clear goals and a lot more action. The foundation is classic shooter but it has added unique features on top of it.
You are hunter or prey and you don't know who to trust. Good ingredients for adrenaline rush.

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