New Team Member Introduction: Jeremy - Community Coordinator

Hi guys,

As you might know, we have been hiring for an addition to our community team for a couple of months now and it is my pleasure to announce that we finally found 'the one'! It makes me proud to say that we hired directly from the community and hand-picked a person who has displayed an avid community sense in the past & present; be it answering questions on Answer Hub, on Slack or on our trusted forums. You might know Jeremy as 'uniflare' through his tutorials like the Beginners' Guide, or Splash Screen Plugin - although he decided to pick a slightly different name now that he's part of the team - which will be reflected shortly. ;)

I am very much looking forward to working with Jeremy and together we'll be able to support you even more, so make sure you keep your feedback coming.
But without further ado, let the man himself speak - give it up for Jeremy:
I am happy to introduce myself as the new Community Coordinator for CRYENGINE.

Let me start by saying I am proud to be a part of the CRYENGINE team here at Frankfurt and look forward to helping the community to bring this awesome game development platform to the masses and to help the community as much as possible in understanding and getting used to the tools to bring your own ideas and creations to life. Here is a little about me;

Why did I choose CRYENGINE?
When I started working with CRYENGINE I was new to C++ - CRYENGINE was the perfect challenge to put my C++ skills to the test I was humbly impressed by how easy it was to start fiddling with, and extending the features of the engine though plugins and other game projects. Providing help to other community members was liberating and satisfying, it also helped me to learn more intimate details of what I was trying to teach.

What are my favorite CRYENGINE features?
There are so many to mention! I really like the real-time Global Illumination system used by CRYENGINE that removes the need to pre-bake any lighting in your levels. The Schematyc system is also really great and fun to use. Being more of a programmer than a level designer I am humbled by how easy it is to get into the coding side of CRYENGINE to make accessible plugins that extend the engines diverse set of features.

Why did I join Crytek?
Crytek has always had the essence of prestige and professionalism, having technological prowess in many areas like the rendering system and performance of such detailed environments. It is hugely satisfying knowing I can help people to achieve such amazing feats in their projects by using this AAA engine provided by the long standing, award winning company Crytek. I aim to help maintain and grow this community as best as humanly possible.

What interests me?
Games and technology, I put a lot of my free time into the infamous Counter Strike series since 1.6, and I would say personally that FPS genres are my forte. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed titles ranging from RTS (Original Shogun Total War) all the way to more indie titles such as Life is Strange and everything in-between. At the moment FPS such as Arma 3, CS:GO and PUBG dominates my free time. I also like my movies and TV shows (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Anime), such as Star Trek, Ghibli and Marvel movies to name a few. I also like any music that has a good beat, or good mood - this can range from classical music to electronic and 8 bit music. I tend to like the more creative and up-beat melodies such a Bali bandits but have been known to listen to rock, country and everything in between.

So I hope that gives you an idea of who I am and what my role here is in this great community. I look forward to the future of the CRYENGINE and to helping everyone in this fantastic community.

CRYENGINE Brand Manager

I'm manning the CRYENGINE stations on Facebook & Twitter as well, so come and say hi!
My personal Twittering may contain nuts.

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