Re: Community Update: Sandbox Source Code & CRYENGINE Documentation

I have a few suggestions :

1-Please Delete Lua script
2-Please Convert all nodes flowgraph to Schematyc
3-Please add AVI Recorded Toolbar like as CryEngine 3.4 to CryEngine 5.6
4-Please If you can hire a number of people( just like as me - I'm a Power Test Engine) remotely to Test the CryEngine, Reporting each bug also has some money (one example 10-15 bugs -> 1 dollar if it is possible)

Please Scroll Down for view this English news Fun :

English news 01 : ... 8705010922

English news 02: ... 0431000016

English news 03: ... %25DB%258C

this videos are about english news above : ... 7&index=23 ... 7&index=24 ... 7&index=25 ... 7&index=26

I will soon publish new one video about a cache Internet filtering section breaking the censorship in Iran , it is my work for discovery bugs at Telecommunications at 2003-2015 .

It's very easy to find bugs in CryEngine for me

Also it is my work Test S2Engine HD 1.4.6 , Found Bugs -Playlist : ... qEzbutp0-P

5-Do not hurry in the release of Sandbox, as other companies will use your source.

6-The most needed documentation for Schematyc & C# is the fact that most people think of designing levels by CryEngine,i found bad bugs , a part of this bugs published ,and , a part of bugs , i want publish, this is my work for android for design level, it is very easy for me at CryEngine , I'm waiting my project make with CryEngine Final(C# or Schematyc) :

Thanks a lot for your hard work

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