Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 Full Release

One thing I would like to see in a new update is panels that stay open like in the eaas version.
on top of the main screen as its getting annoying that you click on perspective view or another view panel and they hide behind the main window.
instead be on top, this way you could easy move around the world then quickly tweak the textures and etc.

When CE 5.4.1 will be release?

When CE 5.4.1 will be release?

I think , I can not , make at this time , my project with schematyc , because schematyc is beta / developing...

I hope We can see Stable/Final Version , Start to develop projects... but when?

Crytek , Can you safely or at what time, Final Stable release will be released?
I'm tired of switching between game engines.
But my goal has been Cryengine since 2013.
The problem with the community is the coding difficulty of CryEngine...

I am a Gameplay Programmer , I do not have time , implement c++ code with details...

Today is node base language era , like as UE4/CE5/Stingray/Lumberyard,etc

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