What's your favorite CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year 2021?

The Alien Cube - by Alessandro Guzzo
Total votes: 44 (53%)
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - by CI Games
Total votes: 25 (30%)
Uninvited Guest - by AdroV Games
Total votes: 14 (17%)
Total votes: 83

Re: Choose your CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021

I voted for The Alien Cube because the art style and feel of the game is just amazing. While I have not played it myself as it’s only on steam I’ve watched many gameplay videos from varies streamers/ content creators. If the game was to come to consoles one day it would definitely be a day one purchase from me.

Re: Choose your CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021

Ich habe auch alien cube gestimmt. War ein sehr schönes spiel gewesen und das gewitter war sehr atmospäre gewesen. Meine stimme geht an Alessandro
Thanks for the vote & comment, Miss Sunshine! :) Official forum language is English, so nobody feels left out, But I can translate in this case:

"I also voted for The Alien Cube. Was a very nice game experience and the thunderstorm was so immersive. My vote goes to Alessandro."
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