Developer Insights: Building an animation system for 2020 and beyond


Discover the future of animation in CRYENGINE with a tech talk from our very own animation programming experts Claudio Freda and Pawel Wojtasik.

Development on CRYENGINE never stops, and today you can get an insight into the future of our engine’s animation system in a tech talk first given at GIC Poznan 2019 - now revealed from the vault for everyone's public view. In the talk, Claudio Freda, Junior Animation Programmer, and Pawel Wojtasik, Senior Animation Programmer, introduce the new animation system for CRYENGINE and explain how they are bringing innovations to the game animation landscape. The talk covers both low-level animation computational code and animation controllers, which are high-level systems, used to control animations on characters. The session also gives an overview of the pros and cons of the current Mannequin system, and you’ll learn about our plans to evolve the animation stack, which will future-proof the system, decrease the learning curve, and increase accessibility for designers and technical artists.

Next week we will be providing a new roadmap update and giving more information about the upcoming changes to the animation system, and an update on progress so far, with a further interview with Claudio and Pawel. Stay tuned to our usual channels for that, but in the meantime, check out this fascinating talk below.

Revealing this talk is the first step in a series of spotlights highlighting our development process on the engine. We want to start with more developer insights on what's next for CRYENGINE by taking a closer look at the Animation System overhaul, so stay tuned for more updates from Pawel and Claudio!

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