Launcher updated to 1.10.8-0

We have rolled out a new update for the CRYENGINE Launcher which addresses a bug regarding the Report an Issue button.
You can see the changes along with previous updates over on the Documentation pages here: ... +June+2020

If you are having difficulty in updating your CRYENGINE Launcher we suggest logging out, closing and logging back into the CRYENGINE Launcher to apply the update.

Re: Launcher updated to 1.10.8-0

Let’s already update the engine, spring is over and 5.7 can’t be seen beyond the horizon
Spring ends June 20th though.
A! Well, who knew that in the roadmap the Astronomical spring is indicated, and not the Calendar spring. I hope that only Crytek do not live according to the calendar of the Southern Hemisphere, otherwise we will see 5.7 only at the end of November

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