Re: Share your Neon Noir Benchmark Scores

5960 points for 1920x1080 ultra on my mildly overclocked EVGA NVIDIA 980ti SC (78 fps high, 42 fps low around the bullet casings) Also some screen tearing on full screen, but none on windowed full screen?
Impressed with this considering how computationally intense any sort of ray tracing is to render in real time!

My rig

Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.05Ghz
ASRock B450M Pro4
16Gb 3200 ddr4 Ballistix Ram
480Gb Corsair Force MP510 NVMe SSD
EVGA Nvidia 980 ti SC with overclock
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No shadows?!

I ran the demo on my computer (RTX 2080ti, i9 9900K).

Don’t know if it’s a bug, but I noticed there weren’t any shadows. It seems like none of the light sources cast shadows.

It’s specially noticeable when we get a closeup of the bullets on the floor. Some bullets seem to be “floating”, because there aren’t any shadows.

Anyone else notice this?
Are the shadows intentionally turned off in this demo?
Is there a way to turn them on?

Re: Share your Neon Noir Benchmark Scores

I got around 8500 with my GTX 1080Ti at 1920x1080/Ultra. :)
Guys, I'm wondering, if there is anyway to unlock the camera and fly around the scene yourself? I love playing with raytraced reflections in UE4.
Unfortunately not as this is really just a first impression of what our ray tracing feature in CRYENGINE will look like in an application. But keep your eyes peeled for updates! We are planning to bring ray tracing into the engine in early 2020 and then you can play around with it to your heart's content. =)

Hello! Can somebody helps me?
I have a very low FPS in Neon Noir :(
My system:
GPU - 1080Ti,
CPU - Xeon E5-1680v2 @4.5 (8/16),
Mem - 32Gb 2400MHz Cl 12, 4-chanels.
My result - 3000 in 1080p.
GPU & CPU load ~ 50%
No V-sync.
Water on GPU & CPU.
Time Spy - 11000.
What is wrong with my PC?
That's unusual, Smile.

Can you try to disable HT in the BIOS and to run it only on the 8 physical cores?
Generally speaking, your whole rig composition might affect how well the different parts come together to tackle the benchmark. We have seen individuals having trouble running it with more than 8 cores, so that's one suggestion. Others had no problem running it on 16+ cores.
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