CRYENGINE 5.6 Full Release

CRYENGINE 5.6 is here! Find out what you need to know.
We are delighted to announce that CRYENGINE 5.6 is available now from and the CRYENGINE Launcher. This major release packs in over 1,000 changes and includes production-proven features which have been used to deliver Hunt: Showdown. The entire team here at Crytek would like to thank the entire CRYENGINE community for all the feedback and suggestions that have helped shaped the direction of development. This engine is for you, and we couldn’t have done this without you.

CRYENGINE 5.6 is designed to put more power in your hands and make game creation quicker and easier. We’re sure you’ll agree that it marks a big step forward for the engine. As you know, work doesn’t stop, and we’re already looking at the roadmap for CRYENGINE 5.7. Make sure you keep your thoughts and feedback coming as it really does make a difference.

To celebrate the launch, we have put together a CRYENGINE 5.6 technology showcase. Check it out below:

You can read the full release notes for CRYENGINE 5.6 here.

CRYENGINE 5.6 Highlights:

Image In-Editor Project Management

The Sandbox Editor now controls project creation and management, making getting started with a new CRYENGINE project faster and giving developers more flexibility with this new streamlined and improved workflow.

Image Micro-facet Multi-layer Materials

This new feature advances the visual reproduction of metals and gives more artistic control over the creation of a range of materials. By describing materials as a stack of layers of varying thickness, each with different optical properties, users can, for instance, model a wet surface by defining a slightly absorptive layer on top, and spatially or temporally varying the thickness of that layer.

Image Area Lights

Area lights deliver a better representation of how light behaves than traditional punctual light sources. CRYENGINE’s new implementation makes use of pre-computed textures, which will calculate and model area lights far more accurately. It also allows for more flexibility when defining different kinds of light shapes. As of right now, the area lights are a part of the Point Light Component, so if you have point lights in your scene, you can easily change them to area lights

Image Tessellated Particle Ribbons

The Render Ribbons feature has a new option called Tessellated. This enables the graphics card’s tessellation stage to smooth the joints in ribbon particles by generating new polygons in a curved shape which is also adaptive to distance. This feature benefits ribbon effects, including trails from flying objects and organic objects like worms or vines.

Image Inter-Entity Constraint Points Storage

This feature is designed to create gears but also has other functions. It allows users to manually specify which entity will ‘own’ the constraint point, and since each constrained entity can have its own constraint point in place, it’s possible to create objects like belts with this feature.

Image Pressurized Closed Buoyant Cloth

Closed cloth shapes can now have internal pressure based on the current shape volume in this extension to the existing cloth entity.

Image Custom-Mesh Ropes

Ropes can now use bones and skinning and can be built from custom .cgf meshes, repeated several times. This enables a chain ‘rope’ to be created from a single link and allows for the rapid creation of vines or complex cables that fit naturally in the environment.

Image Full-Body Ragdoll IK

Ragdoll IK is a physics-aware, energy-based, full-body IK, which tries to satisfy constraints imposed on the physics skeleton with minimum effort energy-wise. The effect is similar to applying physics impulses to characters, except the results are computed instantly, without the physics thread running.

Image CRIWARE ADX2 Implementation

CRYENGINE is audio middleware agnostic, and we’re proud to integrate support for CRIWARE ADX2, a comprehensive and easy-to-use audio system. If your team is already familiar with ADX2, the transition to CRYENGINE is simple. Discover more about CRIWARE ADX2 at

Image Behavior Tree UI

The new Behavior Tree UI is a GUI interface which enables users to quickly create complex behavior trees for AI, bringing NPCs and enemies to life. This tool was developed by the Hunt: Showdown team, bringing yet more production-proven technology to the engine.

Image Real-time ACE Editing Feedback

Users can now preview a middleware event in the right pane of the Audio Controls Editor without the need to connect it to a corresponding trigger first, improving CRYENGINE’s audio pipeline with instant feedback.

We can’t wait to see what you can achieve with CRYENGINE 5.6. As some of you might have noticed, we are already working on 5.6.1 - a hotfix that will address some minor issues we experienced during testing. This hotfix will be released soon, after we reviewed your early community feedback and had a chance to glance over your findings. CRYENGINE is a vast and powerful tool, so we appreciate your efforts to help us test every nook and cranny. If you want more insight into the hard work that has gone into this release, check out our in-depth preview articles focusing on specific areas in the engine, including physics, rendering, audio and Sandbox Editor and Launcher improvements.

Naturally, there are some things that, despite the efforts that go into a release of this , didn’t make it into the build for various reasons. We assure you that work continues, and we’ll keep you updated on the usual channels. We can't wait to hear your feedback about the new build, and we have started a dedicated CE 5.6 feedback thread. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.

We hope you enjoy using CRYENGINE 5.6, and we look forward to your ongoing feedback. Keep your thoughts coming here, or via Facebook and Twitter, or join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel.

Want to work on CRYENGINE? At Crytek, we value diversity and actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels to apply to our open positions, so join us over at LinkedIn and check out our careers page.


Re: CRYENGINE 5.6 Full Release

garbage cant use flow graph no nodes appear, removed schematyc, idk that drugs crytek is doing to have done this but i will no longer be supporting them after waiting over 7 years for visual scripting improvements

Re: CRYENGINE 5.6 Full Release

Looks like anything network-related is still in "Development".
It's no wonder Hunt has server/netcode issues if the engine isn't undergoing active development to improve it.

CryAction is marked for "Cleanup" for the 3'd time in a row.
Entity Components are finally getting cleaned up, after years of complaints, issues, and 'transition' periods.

Visual scripting is being re-designed, again.
Input is being re-designed after regression, again.

Lots of "Generic XX" additions which offer no reasoning behind the rewrites.
What's wrong with the current message system? etc.
If anything you should have "Generic/Universal CTimeValue usage instead of seconds/milliseconds"
And "Generic Serialization Interface" so you don't have to re-implement float->string conversions in 6+ different areas.

Honestly, CryTek needs to have more transparency with the community, showing the reasoning behind its development direction etc.
I already can't PR in code (and my other PR's were dumpstered with no feedback)
Documentation is lax, response on forums from developers non-existent. If anyone asks a non-basic question they won't get answers.

Then there's all these things on the roadmap I couldn't care less about. Some are nice, Vulkan/etc. but the others......
Maybe if they had some more info I'd understand why you're doing it but ATM looks like you're wasting a significant bit of time.

To top it off, still no replacement for GameSDK. Yea, the top-down shooter doesn't count
You may be adding features but you certainly can't say that your actions are community-driven.

I wish I could be more positive on this, but I just don't have any faith in what you're doing and where you're going. (anymore)
Staying just because I've been working on CE for so long, and I like the lighting :\

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