Roadmap Update is Live!

We have updated the CRYENGINE Roadmap! Find out what you need to know.
First, we are aware that this update has been a long time coming and we appreciate your patience. Going forward, we intend to update the roadmap at a minimum of every new CRYENGINE build release with further updates between releases as appropriate. We also want to provide more transparency and insight into our development strategies and where planned features will fit into the evolution of the engine.

You will find the CRYENGINE Roadmap Update in the usual spot.

The roadmap is a forward-looking document and is intended to give an insight into the overall direction of the engineÆs development and planned features. However, our primary goal is to ensure that each CRYENGINE release is stable, robust, and powerful, so target release dates and features on the roadmap are subject to change, as with any software development process. The current roadmap reveals planned features for CRYENGINE 5.6, scheduled for summer 2019, CRYENGINE 5.7, which is set for spring 2020, and also demonstrates our interests for the long-term development of the engine via the Research & Development category.

Have some highlights:

Tool Optimization

In the short term, our main focus is to increase the stability and usability of the engine. This focus is reflected on the roadmap with, for example, the new in-editor project management system coming to 5.6, along with numerous optimizations in all areas including rendering, compilation, and memory footprint. More details about the features included in 5.6 will be mentioned in the release notes.

Schematyc & New Features

These stabilizations and improvements pave the way for our mid to long-term ambitions which will bring exciting new features, tools, and support for additional platforms. These goals will include the rework of the Schematyc system, which will also bring a modern and modular visual scripting framework that will allow you to create your own game logic without the need to code.. The modular behavior of the visual scripting framework will enable other features to take advantage of this system, including, for example, our animation tools.

Ray Tracing

Of course, we will also be looking to integrate the new hardware-agnostic ray tracing technology into the engine, with the aim to make it available in CRYENGINE 5.7. If you want to know more about ray tracing in CRYENGINE, you can follow up on our latest interview with the developers creating Neon Noir, our GDC ray tracing demo. More news on the subject, just stay tuned and keep your eyes on our channels.

Your feedback really does shape the direction of the engine so thank you for all your contributions so far and keep sending your thoughts and ideas to us on the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter. Reporting bugs directly on GitHub helps us to process them quicker and more efficiently. You can also join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on the official CRYENGINE Discord channel.

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Re: Roadmap Update is Live!

I was hoping for Ray Traced Reflections this year as you said, sad! The 2 main questions about the upcoming update Multilayered Microfacet Materials is this what I think are layered materials mixed through masks? And the second as above where Сustomizing Post Effects I hope this technology is not postponed?

Re: Roadmap Update is Live!

I read about microfacet GGX it looks like it is more physically correct materials, especially will look good with ray traced reflections. But even so, it doesn’t really change the editor of the materials, the word Multilayer is a bit confusing and I have apparently thought up something that will not happen. I really want to be able to mix through masks, several tile materials in one mesh

Re: Roadmap Update is Live!

Alright, Crytek! Time for a little talk. First of all, I would like to point out that I am 1 of the few Indy left that are still trying to use 5.5 to accomplish our goals. CryEngine is quickly losing ground on both the Sandbox and CryEngine. First, let's address map size and the standards and expectations of your developers, like myself. There should be a clear functional method for masking of terrain textures in layers that work, splatmaps, and support for terrain generators like World Machine and World Creator 2 (There in Germany) beyond the heightmap and colormaps that presently require a ridiculous amount of time/work to achieve results that other engines (UE4 and Unity) can achieve without effort. Remove the horrid attempt at a 3D modeler and lighten Sandbox because of Daz3D, Blender, Milkshake, and other free 3D modeling programs. I use Newtek's Lightwave (Which has been around since the early 90s on the Amiga yet you offer no support for it). A limited modeler doesn't make anything easier for anyone.
The largest map the editor "officially" supports is a pitiful 16Kx16K. This isn't 2010 people. We need at least 32-64K or a real solution to streaming 16K tiles (If that is your limit) and please don't reply with "we support Spatial OS" because not everyone needs Cloud Based systems to support a simple 32 vs 32 MP game. Right now if you were not working at Crytek and wanted to develop a simple 32Kx32K 64v64 MP game you would choose UE4 or Unity as an Indy developer because the tools needed to create assets for those games can be freeware and your now on a budget. No room for 3d Studio Max license for 4 of you in your company budget or an individual's budget. You must remain vigilant in staying current with user tools and plugins and then maybe you will grab the Indy and the Corporate shares that UE4 and Unity have certainly taken from you. I started with Sandbox back in 2004 I believe, with the release of FarCry and it seems like for every 2 steps forward you've taken one step back. I know Crytek is Full of brilliant minds but I wonder about their direction sometimes. A solid import/export of assets in paramount in production as you should well know with your own game development. Making your 3d engine/your product accessible an understandable is a huge deal for your bottom line. Well I hope you realize I pushed through writing this page for your benefit as well as mine. I have been so tempted to shed myself of the restrictions and obstacles of CryEngine but anyone who truly knows your history is waiting for your redemption. We think every release is going to be as revolutionary as CE1 but I know enough about programming to understand that isn't very realistic.
When I start to doubt I just slip my Rift on and walk around on a beach or jungle and still can't believe how much more immersion 5.5 is offering in VR than any other engine. Best of Luck!
PC and Console Game/VR Developer
Virtual Revolution L.L.C.

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