CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview 4 is here

Welcome to CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview4! As you know, work never stops on the development of the engine, and today’s update pushes things forward with 20+ improvements. Again. We couldn’t have put this update together without the help of our community, so as ever, we’d like to thank everyone for all your feedback and suggestions. Keep it coming! Image
Accessing the 5.5.0 Preview 4 Release
CRYENGINE Preview versions are now available through the CRYENGINE Launcher.

Having logged into the CRYENGINE Launcher go to LIBRARY -> My Engines where your currently installed and available Engines are listed. From there Engines can be updated (installed).


CRYENGINE Previews can still be obtained from GitHub as can full Sandbox Editor source code.

Preview Engine versions are also available from Github, however Sandbox Editor source code is only available via Github.
  1. Go to:
  2. Download
  3. Unzip it somewhere and open the directory “CRYENGINE_preview_5.5.0.208_pc”
  4. Double click on InstallEngine.bat
For more information on getting started with the CRYENGINE source code from GitHub please visit our technical documentation on Building the Engine from Source Code.

Code Interface Changes

For more information, see the Important CRYENGINE 5.5 Data and Code Changes article.

If you are upgrading from CRYENGINE 5.4, please read this topic: Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.4 to CRYENGINE 5.5.

Known Issues

  • UI: Dependency Graph window is not responsive when opening from a selection window. WORKAROUND: It can be closed from the Windows tray bar, however if you don't have separate icons enabled for the different editor windows on the tray, then this can be an issue. NOTE: Opening the Dependency Graph say for example from the Asset Browser or from the global menu Tools -> Dependency Graph works fine.
  • RENDERER: (PARTICLE) Particle 'new_year' is not being rendered correctly.
  • RENDERER: (EDITOR ONLY) Shadow square following camera.
  • RENDERER: Some brushes could flicker directly after level load.
  • RENDERER: SkyBox could be broken after several level loads.
  • CRASH: (VS2017) After compiling and running the Engine with VS version 15.7 the Engine will crash (exception thrown).
    The problem originates from the last command in ( Editor\Python\plugins\crytools\ ).
    For more information about this topic click here.
  • C#: Using the CRYENGINE C# extension for Visual Studio 2017 to start the GameLauncher, Sandbox Editor or Server can cause an error when used in the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. More information and a fix for this issue can be found here.
Release Notes

As we have 20+ new changes, fixes and updates, please check out the full list on our Release Notes page on CRYENGINE Documentation.

As a polite reminder, this is an experimental release and features are subject to changes, bugs, and gremlins, as you’d expect with a beta production. Please back up your projects before working with any of our latest builds to make sure your core project is safe. If you find an issue please reach out to us via the feedback thread or report issues via GitHub Issue Reporter. In case of engine crashes, please use the Crash Reporter in the launcher when it pops up and don't forget to attach all reports! We hope you enjoy the build and we look forward to seeing what you can do with it.


Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview 4 is here

Dynamic texture does not work, GFX does not work, output UIElements as a texture does not work and causes the engine to crash. Damn this engine will someday work stably! At least the technologies that are in the engine for years, will work stably from version to version. I need to make an animated banner for the scene, all the above functions do what I need, but only one of them does not work!

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