Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview 3 Live Now!

You can install wget for windows:

wget will download it even over flaky connections, once installed the command would be:

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or wherever the newest release zip is located (clone or download will give you the url in the zip option)
maybe this works but anyways You should have wget with your bad connection. The program will just run and survive disconnections and get it done.
If you have access to a unix or gnu linux machine I would use that - macOS is fine too - consider getting a live Ubuntu CD and use that without having to install a second OS.
Problem is Github. I have bad download speed there too. Think they cap it. Just have to keep on trying.
... just tested and wget downloads those 900 plus MB at roundabout 2MB/s from Github to Serbia so it would seem GitHub is not the issue?

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Saving to: '' CRYENGINE_preview_5.5.0.193 100%[=========================================>] 983.71M 1.77MB/s in 6m 5s
That being said, crytek has no way of fixing that 403 error Free Download Manager is giving you. You need the right tools for downloading files in your situation. Also have a look at the youtube.dl program if you have problems streaming youtube or vimeo videos.
Okay , thank you for best your answer , you are right completely

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